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  Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale outstanding enterprise in the building material industry in China. Its predecessor was Jinhua Cement Factory founded in 1958. In November 1988, the company carried out joint-stock reform, and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993, thus becoming the first listed company in the cement industry in China. Jianfeng Group started with the cement sector, and over the past 50 years of development, it has been involved in multiple industries through constant content upgrading and extent expansion, and eventually formed a diversified operation structure centered on the two leading sectors of cement and pharmaceuticals, supplemented by health products, telecommunication cables, warehousing and logistics.

  Jianfeng Cement was listed as one of the 60 key state-supported large cement enterprises (groups) engaged in the restructuring of the cement industry by the NDRC, the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the People's Bank of China. The subsidiary Hubei Daye Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd. was listed among the top 500 building materials companies in China and became one of the leading brands of cement in China. "Jianfeng" cement was awarded “Famous Brand Product in Zhejiang” and “Famous Brand in Hubei”. "Jianfeng" trademark was named well-known trademark in China.

  Jianfeng Pharmaceutical was named China’s top-100 pharmaceutical enterprises, top-10 enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang Province, and Key High-tech Enterprise in the State Torch Program. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has an academician expert workstation, three national-level postdoctoral workstations, and a provincial-level new drugs research center. In addition, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has also established extensive cooperation relationships with domestic research institutes and universities, to jointly build a platform for pharmaceutical research and development.

  In the new century, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical will further improve the modern enterprise system, actively build a height for talents, and take efforts to accelerate the development by following the overall strategy of "enhancing the primary industry through collaboration and innovation, and seeking development through standardization and science”, striving to build the company into a modern group enterprise with double core business architectures, complementary performance, excellent growth capability, and strong core competitiveness.