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After 50 years of development, Jianfeng has evolved into an integrated modern joint-stock enterprise from a small state-run factory, and formed its own unique corporate culture.

Promote development through innovation and reform: through mental, technological, management and institutional innovations, the company has been maintaining vigor and exuberant vitality in constant reforms.

Consolidate the foundation in a down to earth and moderate manner: Based on the company’s actual conditions, we make timely and practical development strategies, and constantly strengthen the executive power and the ability to avoid risks, to maintain the healthy and stable development of the company.。

eek profits through standardized management: by establishing a sound corporate governance structure, we have achieved a modern enterprise system; through sound internal party, labor and youth league organizations, we can effectively conduct democratic management; through institution construction and scientific management, we strive to improve the economic and social benefits.

合Seek harmonious development through cooperation and win-win situation: we cooperate with universities to nurture talents, and with research institutes to develop new products; we carried out asset restructuring in cooperation with enterprises directly under the central government, to make the company bigger and stronger; we communicate with government departments, to build a favorable external environment, and with peers to develop a broad market; we carry out internal resources integration, and unify the mind and heart of employees, to achieve the common development of the company and employees.

Sever the world by sticking to moral and obligations. While making significant contributions to the local economy, we also strive to reciprocate the society, actively assume social responsibilities, take active part in charity and public welfare activities, help the poor, donate funds to build schools, and promote the harmony and prosperity of the society.