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The company organizational learning 18th fifth plenary session of the spirit

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Report from our correspondent the 18th session of the central committee of the fifth plenary session of the communist party of China (hereinafter referred to as the fifth plenary session of the 18) in October 2015, 26 solstice 29, was held in Beijing.November 28, the company party committee organized briefing sessions, more than seventy party members and cadres listen to lectures, learning spirit of the fifth plenary session of the eighteenth.
The announcement, the company invited jinhua municipal committee of the party committee party school JiaoWei committee xiao-ming shu professors lecture.Shu is party school system is the first teacher, jinhua city, zhejiang province human resources research association, the national policy, the ideological and political work with in-depth research, this lecture with "efforts to achieve the five development, coordinate 'four comprehensive", combined with the national development strategy in recent years, the vivid and expounds the connotation of the fifth plenary session of the 18th central committee.

Professor in the lecture, xiao-ming shu in "the Chinese dream is the essence of the revitalization of the Chinese", from the country's two "development goals in one hundred" (i.e. when the communist party of China was established in one hundred to build a well-off society in an all-round way, in the People's Republic of China was founded in one hundred, when built modern socialist country), the construction of "three state" (namely the economic development of the new normal, a beautiful environment of green ecological, fresh air wind is the political and social ecological) society, etc., tells the story of the "big five" development "put forward by the" four comprehensive "background.Combined in recent years, the implementation of the "eight", the "four winds" and "three real steady tightening" education and a series of measures, countries implement "area all the way" and "the investment bank" strategic layout, xiao-ming shu, a professor at the analysis this paper expounds the "five major development" (innovation and development, coordinated development, green development, open development, sharing development) and the "four" (to build a well-off society in an all-round way, comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law, the overall governing party) the basic concept and connotation, and stressed that the layout of the "four comprehensive" strategy, more fully show a new session of central collective leadership in governing the overall framework, make the current and future a period of time, all work of the party and state the key links and key areas, main direction more clear, internal logic is more closely, to promote reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction provides a strong guarantee to a new level.

Xiao-ming shu the professor's lecture topics and bright, rich in content, both the objective and rational analysis, and a specific vivid explains, easily understood, has very strong realistic pertinence, to understand and learn all the spiritual, national policies are of great help, was welcomed by the participating party members and cadres.In the recess time and after the lecture, and people are such problems as the "Chinese dream" communicate with xiao-ming shu.

Group company secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Jiang Xiaomeng said in a keynote, 18 points out that the governments at all levels of the fifth plenary session of the future work direction of a period of time.Learn all the spiritual is the key to understanding and use of enterprise's each work can't break it economic laws and government guidance, only understand the policy direction, combined with the enterprise development strategy, reasonable layout, to the smooth development.The current Chinese economy enters the new normal, cement industry is entered the development platform, a lot of uncertainty factors.Enterprise cadres at all levels should earnestly study comprehends all the spirit, and strive to complete each work, seize the final months of 2015 time, complete formulated by the board of directors of the annual aim.At the same time, as the second batch of zhejiang province "three projects" enterprises, the company will in future in enterprise management, strategic control, capital controls, etc, to strengthen the innovation, in such aspects as formula granules, drug traceability to invest more effort, to improve enterprise's soft power.

Jiang Xiaomeng stressed that the current market competition is becoming more and more serious, people demand change constantly, enterprise competition must pay special attention to organizational competitiveness and cost competitiveness of ascension.Cadres at all levels must foster a sense of crisis, therefore, careful study, do speak principles, bear responsibility, take the time, do things, out of the performance, strengthen the team construction and technical innovation, can not eliminated by the market.

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