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Provincial food drug administration leaders visit a Kinsey pharmaceutical factory

Number of visits: Date:2016-06-06 11:47:13

Report from our correspondent: on February 25, the zhejiang province food and drug administration, deputy director Shao yuanchang and other leaders of a line, visited rush pharmaceutical Kinsey pharmaceutical factory.

  Group chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Xiaomeng, group company deputy general manager, general manager of golden dragon pharmaceutical company, spike health Yu Hongjian technology company general manager and deputy director shao yuan chang a line of the symposium.Jiang Xiaomeng introduced from the aspects of development planning of business structure, the basic condition of the peak group, and focus on pharmaceutical companies and peak health science and technology of the company's production scale, production capacity, product types, the scientific research level and development ideas, and so on and so forth.The two sides also has clinical verification, food and drug regulatory policies, traditional Chinese medicine formula granules production license, declare innovation yinpian, health care, social security negotiation, etc.

  Shao yuanchang in the discussion of peak in the development of medical and health field give affirmation, and points out that the quality is enterprise's life, always in accordance with the requirements of the GMP pharmaceutical production enterprise for production, in the process of implementation, and to establish relevant risk control and prevention system, do a good job in risk control;Drug regulatory policy, the situation is changing, the pharmaceutical production enterprise should not only reflect the problems, and to study unceasingly, to adapt to the current situation and policy, seize the development opportunity of the new policy, improve the product quality.Enterprises should develop in the specification, development in innovation, the development of the pharmaceutical production enterprise to have a clear train of thought and planning, clear their own advantage and technology.

  Shao yuanchang line also visited the Kinsey pharmaceutical factory producing needle, cephalosporin production workshop and warehouse, site understand production quality management, equipment, facilities, product type, and so on and so forth. 

(Reporter  Ni Yingzhen)

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