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Jianfeng health become shenyang pharmaceutical university master's practice base

Number of visits: Date:2016-06-06 11:47:02
Report from our correspondent: On March 10, Jianfeng health technology co., LTD. Held in shenyang pharmaceutical university specialized degree graduate student practice base in the ceremony, party secretary of shenyang pharmaceutical university chun-fu wu, group chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Xiaomeng base for practice.

  Shenyang pharmaceutical university is a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, many forms of higher medicine education institution of higher learning, is China's oldest comprehensive pharmaceutical university, has been linked to Jianfeng health in terms of production, study and research the whole maintained a close cooperation.The construction of practice base, to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in personnel training, improve the comprehensive quality of professional degree graduate student, cultivate the professional degree of master graduate student be applied, and internationalized high-level pharmaceutical talents, build enterprise talent pool.At the same time, in order to strengthen the graduate student off-campus practice guidance, the group chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Xiaomeng, group company deputy general manager, general manager of golden dragon pharmaceutical company, company general manager Yu Hongjian Jianfeng health science and technology, Jianfeng health science and technology company's chief scientist conway lee and other four people have been hired as a practice base outside of postgraduate tutor.

  Jinhua city technology bureau, to bring together just bureau and other leaders attended the opening ceremony, and communicate with chun-fu wu line of discussion.Jiang Xiaomeng Jianfeng group is introduced the basic situation, especially Jianfeng health science and technology development direction of the company, the scale of production, product variety, scientific research ability, and so on and so forth.Chun-fu wu on behalf of shenyang pharmaceutical university, Jianfeng group in the process of the transformation and development of new ideas, new ideas, appreciated, and introduced the basic situation of shenyang pharmaceutical university and the cultivation of the professional degree graduate student status, characteristics and requirements, to build the requirements of professional practice base and the method of professional degrees off-campus mentor's hiring, etc.City technology bureau and for bureau leaders will introduce relevant policies, jinhua talent on talent training, project cooperation, and graduate student class in areas such as carried on the thorough exchange, such as joint training specialized degree graduate student reached a consensus on the issue.

  Chun-fu wu, during a row also visited Jianfeng health company automated extraction workshop central control room, Chinese medicine yinpian, direct oral preparation workshop and egret park caulis dendrobii planting base.Group co., LTD., vice general manager and a flat part, such as the board secretary Zhu Jianwei accompanied the visit.

(Reporter  Niyingzhen)

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