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"Three down three improvement" activities in full swing

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Report from our correspondent based on the 2015 semi-annual conference spirit, the company research joint meeting of the party, government, industry, from July 1, throughout the company to carry out the "Three down three improvement" management promotion activities.Related document was published.

The activity time from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, the group company directly under the enterprise, professional company subordinates the independent accounting enterprises, the group headquarters, pharmaceutical companies are to attend.The company hope that through the development in the three SanDiGao reduction "as the theme of management promotion activities, strengthen enterprise cost consciousness, efficiency consciousness, innovative consciousness and market consciousness, improve and enhance the profitability of the enterprise, improving the competitive power of enterprise, to explore to establish a long-term sustainable increase of operating mechanism, promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.

In order to ensure the smooth progress in activities, the company formed a "Three down three improvement" activity leading group.Leading group by group chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Xiaomeng coalesced, general manager YuJianGong deputy team leader, golden dragon, Zhang Fengliang, tang ping, LanXiaoLong, xu-ping qin, tien-tze Chen and other senior management personnel, to guide and supervise each enterprise to carry out the activities.

Group company requirements, by the end of August each enterprise according to the content requirements and their own practice, discuss and compiled including specific work content, objectives, measures, responsible, and rewards and punishment method such as overall action plan, and the corporation performance audit department."Three down" work plan to project and indicators of the overall budget plan in 2015, on the basis of careful analysis and determine the detailed exploration targets;"Three improvement" work plan mainly from system, mechanism, execution, executable and can be quantified.Each enterprise to analyze the activity quarterly assessment, improve the scheme and added new content.Auditing performance management department under the state council in conjunction with the professional company and the relevant departments of the enterprise activity for regular or irregular inspection instruction, and will check on record, as a reference for last.In 2016 at the end of June all enterprises, departments to make a comprehensive summary of the effects of activities throughout the year, and will finish before July 8 audit report in written form to the group company performance management.Company will be done according to each enterprise situation assessment, give awards to the outstanding achievements of enterprise activity effect is poor or head of department of enterprise, the company will conduct admonishing conversations and position adjustment.(reporter Fu Yiwu)

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