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"Three down three improvement" of specific content

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Cost reduction: with the elaborating management concept as the instruction, strengthen technology research and application of new technology, optimize the technical indicators, reduce consumption;Strengthen field management and equipment management, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs;Perfect in order to reduce the comprehensive cost of purchasing and supply management, reduce the purchasing cost.

Reduced cost: strengthen the audit control expenses, refine the control indicators, reduce inefficient spending, eliminate invalid expenditures;Improve the reporting system for cost overruns, clear responsibility, strictly controlled.

Reduced labor: optimizing organization structure and management process, promote the work of "armed", to cut jobs and employment indicators;To improve the integrity rate of the process equipment and safety coefficient, reduce the labor intensity, reduce labor indicators;Actively promote "substitution" machine work.

Improve the work efficiency, building the execution, order;Optimal management, reduce the management process;To improve the application level of informationization, improve work efficiency.

Improve marketing ability: to enhance the recognition of the importance of market, improve the component of marketing management in enterprise management and status;Adjust the perfect marketing strategy, formulate scientific and applicable marketing policies;Improve the incentive mechanism, establishing the elimination mechanism, improve the enthusiasm and combat effectiveness of the marketing staff;Strengthen business training, improve the overall quality.

Improve innovation ability, enhance crisis consciousness, improve the awareness of innovation urgency;Strengthen management knowledge training, improve management quality;Take "the stream of people, logistics, capital" as the main line, with "authors efficiency" for the purpose to carry out the management innovation;Continue to intensify the process, quality, equipment, technology research, improve the ability of technological innovation;Intensify the new product research and development.

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