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Daye Jianfeng introduction of safe production ten Ban

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Report from our correspondent in order to further implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" work principle, to ensure safety in production work consistently, daye peak ten ban cement company establish safe production, on August 4, issued in the form of red tape to the functional department office and production workshop.

The ban ten content as follows: one, it is forbidden to illegal command, illegal operation;Second, it is forbidden to safety education and do not post technology assessment independent field operation;Third, it is forbidden to irrelevant personnel to enter production, maintenance;Four, it is strictly prohibited to smoking in the non-smoking section, in the power room to sleep;Five, strictly prohibit to drink on-the-job, mount guard after drinking, drunk driving;Six, it is strictly prohibited to did not deal with hazardous confined Spaces, lifting operations such as application;Seven, it is strictly prohibited to did not deal with electrical work permit, when hot work permit in electric, hot work activities;Eight, it is strictly prohibited to not wear labor protection products, according to the rules into the maintenance and construction site;Nine, it is forbidden to illegal closure, cancel equipment interlocking safety protection facilities;Ten, it is strictly prohibited without the site safety confirmation, maintenance operations and key.

In the first half of this year, Daye Jianfeng safety accident rate has increased, compared to the same for the cause of the accident is the features of chronic violate the rules more, Daye Jianfeng to formulate ten ban issued internal safety production, further regulate the behavior of staff, improve the awareness of production safety.Daye peak demand, each department office, workshop carefully to do a good job of propaganda, training and so on ten big ban, get workers to further realize the importance of the ban on safe production;Completes the daily supervision and inspection work, and strive to achieve zero violation;Each department office, workshop during the inspection found violations ban, should be timely according to the requirement to submit relevant information security management, and related assessment.

In addition to the stable cross many times in the production meeting, ask for each department, workshop publicity and earnestly perform outside the top ten ban, Daye Jianfeng also set up the billboard at the gate of the factory, in order to make safe production ten ban deep inner employees, encourage employees to form good habits and standard work.(ZhuGongYan)

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