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Zhejiang peak group co., LTD. Is established on the basis of the jinhua city cement plant was established in 1958.By jinhua city people's government "Jin Zheng [1988] no. 100" approval, from the main body of jinhua city cement plant built on August 8, 1989, zhejiang rush cement group co., LTD.National economic system reform committee in 1993 to "restructuring [1993] no. 2" article approval to continue the pilot joint-stock, the China securities regulatory commission in 1993 to "regulatory review word [1993] no. 18" approval of company's stock listing.On July 28, 1993, the company shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, stock abbreviation: peak group, stock code: 600668.

Rights, after turn add equity, shares, by the end of 2014, the company's total share capital of 344083828 shares, the controlling shareholder jinhua tongji state-owned assets investment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "" tongji international trust &investment) stake of 16.15%, the company finally control for jinhua city people's government state-owned assets supervision and administration commission.