company in strict accordance with the "Company Law", "Securities Law", "Shanghai Stock Exchange Stock Listing Rules", "Listed Company Governance Guidelines" and the relevant requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and constantly improve the company's internal control system, Strengthen the implementation of the system; strengthen information disclosure, improve the quality and level of information disclosure; establish a standardized corporate governance structure, clarify the responsibilities and powers of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management in terms of decision-making, implementation and supervision, and gradually improve the level of corporate governance.
1. Standardized operation of the company's three meetings
(1) Shareholders and general meetings: The company convenes and convenes general meetings of shareholders in strict accordance with the provisions of the Company Law, the Articles of Association, and the Rules of Procedure of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Meetings and online voting ensure that all shareholders enjoy equal rights. For major issues that may affect the interests of small and medium investors, the company makes separate statistics and announcements on the voting results of small and medium investors in the general meeting of shareholders to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium investors. At the same time, the company hired a lawyer to confirm and witness the meeting procedures, deliberations, the identity of the attendees, and issue legal opinions to ensure that all shareholders enjoy equal status and rights.
(2) Directors and the board of directors: the board of directors of the company conscientiously performs the duties and powers conferred by the general meeting of shareholders, in strict accordance with the articles of association and the rules of procedure of the board of directors and other relevant rules and regulations, diligently and conscientiously perform the duties of directors, timely convene the board of directors to deliberate and make prudent decisions on major decision-making matters in the company's business activities, Actively fulfill the obligation of information disclosure, convene a general meeting of shareholders in a timely manner for consideration. The Board of Directors consists of four special committees, namely, the Strategy, Audit, Remuneration and Appraisal and Nomination Committees, with the exception of the Strategy Committee, all of which are chaired by independent directors, with more than one-half of the independent directors serving as members. The independent directors of the Company conscientiously perform their duties in accordance with the Company Law, the Securities Law, the Rules Governing the Listing of Stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Guiding Opinions on the Establishment of an Independent Director System for Listed Companies and the relevant provisions of the Company.
(3) Supervisors and the Board of Supervisors: The Board of Supervisors of the Company diligently exercises supervision and inspection functions in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Supervisors, supervises the company's financial status, operating results, related transactions, etc., and issues major issues of the company Opinions to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and shareholders.

2. Independence of the Company
The Company has independent and autonomous business capabilities and is completely separated from the controlling shareholder in five aspects: personnel, assets, finance, organization and business. The controlling shareholder, the actual controller and the related party do not occupy or control the assets of the Company, and the behavior of the controlling shareholder is regulated.

3. Regarding performance evaluation and incentive and restraint mechanism
The company has formulated the "Measures for the Management of Remuneration of Directors and Supervisors" and the "Measures for the Management of Remuneration of Senior Managers". The principles of salary calculation and payment of senior management personnel, performance appraisal and remuneration are publicly disclosed after being reviewed and approved by the board of directors. The senior management of the Company is appointed by the Board of Directors, and the appointment of senior management is in line with the requirements of the relevant governance norms of the CSRC.

4. Regarding information disclosure and transparency
Open and transparent information disclosure is the guarantee for the effective operation of the governance mechanism of listed companies. The company adheres to the principles of timeliness, truthfulness, accuracy and completeness in information disclosure, and always puts legal information Disclosure is an important position in management activities. The Management System for Information Disclosure and the Management System for the Submission and Use of External Information have been formulated to further improve the systems related to information disclosure in order to ensure the quality of information disclosure. The Company conscientiously implements the relevant provisions of the "Guidelines for the Business of Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" and conducts information disclosure in a standardized manner.
corporate governance is a long-term task. The company will adhere to the requirements of laws, regulations and normative documents such as the company law and the securities law, further improve the awareness of standardized operation, constantly improve the corporate governance structure, and promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the company. 19