1. company is engaged in
company's main business is building materials and medicine, supplemented by health products, trade logistics, cables and other businesses. According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission's "Industry Classification Guidelines for Listed Companies", the company belongs to the non-metallic mineral products industry (C30).
The company's main products are cement and medicine. Cement products are an important building material, which is widely used in the construction of railways, highways, airports, water conservancy and other infrastructure and houses. The company's drugs have formed a product line of antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, antidepressants, ophthalmology drugs, etc., and are developing in the direction of anti-tumor drugs and infant drugs. At present, the main products are cefmenoxime hydrochloride for injection, aspartate amlodipine tablets, paroxetine hydrochloride tablets, aceclofenac sustained-release tablets, sodium hyaluronate eye drops, olopatadine hydrochloride eye drops, etc.

Business model of the main business of the 2. company
According to the relatively diversified industrial layout, the company takes strategic control as the leading factor, and ensures the smooth, orderly and safe operation of its subsidiaries through the management and control mode combining operation control, strategic control and financial control. As the center of strategic decision-making and investment decision-making, the company's headquarters pursues overall strategic control and the cultivation of synergies; at the same time, subsidiaries are set up according to different businesses and regions, and each subsidiary is responsible for the operation of each business segment.
The company's building materials business is mainly distributed in Hubei, Yunnan, Guizhou and Zhejiang. Daye peak, Yunnan peak, Guizhou peak three holding subsidiaries each have a new dry cement production line, to carry out the production and sales of cement, clinker, etc. In recent years, the company has set up Hubei peak new building materials Co., Ltd., Yunnan peak new building materials Co., Ltd., to the mechanism of sand, aggregate and other building materials industry extension. The company's cement companies adhere to the "cost leadership" strategy, through continuous promotion of management innovation, process innovation, and equipment updates to improve labor productivity, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote green production. At the same time, they actively respond to market changes and formulate competitive strategies based on the characteristics of each regional market., Actively explore the sales market with two sales models of direct sales and agency.
The Company's pharmaceutical business consists of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical business, organized and operated by Spike Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical has three pharmaceutical manufacturing bases in Jinhua, Zhejiang, namely Jinxi, Qiubin and Linjiang. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical's drug production is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of GMP, and the relevant national regulations are strictly implemented in terms of raw material procurement, equipment management, production process control, quality supervision and inspection, etc. The company's pharmaceutical business includes commercial distribution and retail business, mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Province, sales revenue mainly from Jinhua medicine and peak pharmacy, the region's hospitals at all levels, primary medical institutions and the majority of patients are its main customer base. Subsidiary Shanghai North Carolina is currently the main products for pesticides and pharmaceutical chemical intermediates, and actively to the development of pharmaceutical raw materials.
The company's health products business mainly includes plant extracts, Chinese medicine tablets, health food, etc., which are mainly organized and operated by subsidiaries such as Spike Health and Tianjin Spike. Spike health mainly has health care products, plant extraction, Chinese medicine tablets three major business. Tianjin Jianfeng's main products include grape seed extract, ginseng extract, apple extract and other anthocyanins, polyphenols, fruit and vegetable powder and other products; the company's quality system is perfect, and it has obtained food production license and export food record certificate; the company's natural plant extracts mainly provide raw materials for the majority of users in the food, health products and cosmetics industries at home and abroad.