Jiang Xiaomeng

Born in November 1964, master of business administration/engineering, senior engineer, licensed pharmacist, expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution in Zhejiang Province, joined the work in December 1980, successively served as workshop director of Jinhua cement plant, manager of enterprise management department of the company, general manager of Zhejiang Jianfeng Communication Cable Co., Ltd., general manager of Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., deputy general manager and general manager of the company. He is currently the chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, He also serves as vice chairman of the board of directors of Tianshili Holding Group Co., Ltd., vice chairman of Tianshili Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., director of Zhejiang Jinhua Nanfang Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd., director of Jinhua Tongji state owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd., vice president of Zhejiang Building Materials Industry Association, vice president of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association, and chairman of Jinhua Federation of industry and Commerce.

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Yu Jianhong

Born in October 1966, senior economist, engineer, EMBA, joined the work in September 1987, successively served as deputy director of the machine repair workshop of Jinhua Cement Plant, chief of the technical section, deputy director and director of Jinsong Cement Plant, Jianfeng General Manager of Jinhua Jinma Cement Co., Ltd., General Manager of Zhejiang Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of the company, currently director and general manager of the company.

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