Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd. was Jinhua Cement Factory, which was established in 1958. With the approval of "Jin Zheng [1988] No. 100" document of Jinhua Municipal People's Government, Zhejiang Jianfeng Cement Group Co., Ltd. was established with Jinhua Cement Plant as the main body. In 1991, the Jinhua Municipal People's Government approved the joint venture between Zhejiang Jianfeng Cement Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Cement Products Factory with the document "Jin Zhengfa [1991] No. 38". The joint group company was renamed Zhejiang Jianfeng Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. In 1993, the State Economic system Reform Commission approved the continuation of the joint-stock pilot project with the document "system Reform [1993] No. 2". The Zhejiang Provincial Planning and Economic system Reform Commission changed its name to the current name with the approval of "Zhejiang Jijing Enterprise [1993] No. 269" and was upgraded to a provincial enterprise group. In 1993, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the document "Zheng Jian Fa Shen Zi [1993] No. 18" and the Shanghai Stock Exchange "Shanghai Stock Exchange [93] No. 2050" approved the company's 14.5 million individual shares on July 28, 1993 Listed for trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: Jianfeng Group, stock code: 600668.SH.