development strategy

Cooperation, innovation and strong main business; standard, scientific development.

Cooperation to make cement bigger: in Zhejiang Province, in cooperation with China Building Materials Group, jointly initiated the establishment of Southern Cement Company to make "peak" brand cement bigger and stronger in Zhejiang Province. Outside Zhejiang Province, first do a good job in the two production bases of Hubei Daye Peak Cement Company and Yunnan Pu'er Peak Relay Cement Company, and then use the advantages of brand, technology, management, and capital to develop new cement in other regions with resources and market advantages. The production base realizes layout optimization, controls resources, occupies the market, and becomes bigger and stronger.

Innovation enhances medicine: relying on new products to win and brands to win. Increase the development of new products with high added value, and form a product line of antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, Junior College drugs and health products. Actively expand overseas processing business through OEM. Actively carry out capital operation and optimize the stock of assets. Gradually change the sales model, strengthen the construction of the marketing team, be a special agent, and strengthen the terminal.

Establish a standardized management and control system to promote enterprise management to a higher level and level, so as to achieve management performance and management to promote development. Build a rigorous, scientific and forward-looking investment system, as well as an effective and responsible investment assessment system to effectively control investment risks.